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Elder Care Businesses Awarded Senior Approved Certification

by Joanna Miller

Cleveland OH: What is the most efficient method to promote advocacy for seniors and family caregivers? Barbara Mascio, founder of Seniors Approve ( believes she has the solution. "We are the direct link to Certified Senior Approved Services, advocating for the right of all seniors to receive excellent care."

As family members search for resources, products and services that would be appropriate for their loved ones they must sift through multiple listings. He or she may start with local yellow page listings or utilize a key word search on the Internet. This person may also use one of the various senior service print directories. What these listings don't reveal, 'who do you trust with your loved one?'

"What the consumer wants, according to our research, is some method to ascertain which company will in fact provide an excellent quality service," states Ms. Mascio. "The consumer of elder care resources also wants one contact person, one source to locate any and all services needed now or in the future and they want this service to advocate for the senior, not the elder care business. This is exactly what we have developed."

The network of Certified Senior Approved Services is growing. The latest additions, each accepted based on the elder care industry's first consumer-driven survey process are:

My Home Care, Inc. located in Springfield IL

Attorney Mary Ann Thomas located in Cleveland OH

Park Creek Center located in Parma Heights OH

S.A.R.A.H. Adult Day Center located in Strongsville OH

M & M Partnership located in Shaker Heights OH

Sunrise Assisted Living located in Rocky River OH

Life Quest Home Medical located in Cleveland OH

Raymond James located in Willoughby OH

Birch Financial located in Chagrin Falls OH

Occasional Help for Seniors located in Cleveland OH

DocuPrePA located in Secane PA

Seniors Home Advantage located in Solon OH

Advanced Laser Solutions located in Garfield Hts OH

Do It Now an organizational book

Northcoast Conflict Solutions Elder Mediation

Seniors Approve serves all of the United States. If you offer product, resources or services for the elderly and/or the adult child of the senior and you want a method to ensure consumers and key referral sources that deliver what you promise, see

The network includes; Medical, non-medical, alternative health, handyman, financial planners, attorneys, physicians, memorial services and more.


Advocating for Seniors. Founder of Senior Approved Services the National Network of Products, Services and Resources Endorsed by Seniors.

see Seniors Approve Free Web Community